There is one quality I arrived in this world with: the innate resolve to ACCEPT NOTHING and QUESTION EVERYTHING. Just ask my parents—poor souls.  I came out of the womb with a fiery attitude, a desire for things to be my way, and an incredible ability to communicate my likes and dislikes, even before I could make words.

As a very young child—one not yet capable of dressing myself—I still knew, and expressed very emphatically, my desires about what I would wear.  I had only one rule: I needed pockets.  Why?  To this day I am unsure, although I can only surmise it was nothing more than I believed this is how it should be.  And so it was.

It’s as simple as that.  A little girl thinks there should be no world where pockets don’t exist, and so she makes certain that her world always has pockets.

Most would consider me ultimately just a pessimist/cynic—never satisfied with anything—but I believe that’s because they’re delusional and short-sighted about my cynicism.  They are unable to look below the surface—let alone scratch it—to see a situation holistically, to understand the root of my projected cynicism.  The truth is that my cynicism is a result of idealism-induced disappointment.  I am so optimistic, in fact, that it turns out my expectations are unrealistic. One could say I am deluded by optimism.

I am The Optimistic Cynic.

The boring details: I have a B.F.A. in Interior Design from Marylhurst University.  I completed this degree in a similar fashion as with my childhood demands for pockets.  I committed the ultimate treason—questioning the validity, value, and ethical position of my chosen professionand using my voice to boldly express my opinions about it.

And they still gave me a diploma.

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