What Language Does Design Speak?

Design, in all its contexts, communicates.  Imagery, text, physical location and context, connotations–it all sends a message.  And we all interpret messages differently, depending on our own knowledge, education, preconceived beliefs or ideas, among numerous other factors.

The images below are taken from a currently vacant site on the outskirts of Portland’s Pearl District.  The sign is part of an on-site advertising campaign for what I presume to be a new condominium tower.  The two images represent opposite sides of one sign.

I’d like to know what these images communicate to you (and you, and you, and you!).  Anything and everything–whether it be the actual message, the signage, the location, etc.  I would like to publish some responses as part of the post, so get commenting!


2 responses to “What Language Does Design Speak?

  1. to me, it communicates the dominance of branding and sound-bites (sign-bites?) over substance.
    one wonders if the building it forecasts will be equally eye-catching but equally vapid:
    an incomplete sentence on one side, and a collection of cliches on the other? is this what it takes to make rich people write big checks?

  2. Just what the Pearl District needs. Another new, empty condominium building in a bleak economy. How exactly does this in anyway promote sustainability. Unless, of course, we’re sustaining our wasteful, wanton ways.

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